Dealing With Climate Change is a Bigger Problem that WWII (World War II)

The most difficult task, phase-out over the next 20-25 years of coal use that does not capture CO₂, is Herculean, yet feasible when compared with the efforts that went into World War II. The stakes, for all life on the planet, surpass those of any previous crisis. The greatest danger is continued ignorance and denial, which could make tragic consequences unavoidable.

~ James E. Hansen (1941-03-29 age:76) along with 14 other scientists in Science 2005-06-03

Why did business people rise to the occasion to fight Nazi Germany, but fund FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) to delay dealing with global warming? They saw WWII as an economic windfall, but see the even bigger threat of global warming as purely a liability ignoring the huge opportunities for an exploding world market who will have no choice but to buy green energy. They still don’t get it that profits fall to zero when global warming decimates workers and customers.