2017-05-09 BC Election

British Columbia goes to the polls on 2017-05-09 to select a new provincial government. As of 2017-02-18, the polls show the NDP (New Democratic Party) in the lead, then the Liberals, then the Greens.

  1. The NDP

    have focused on financial benefits for the middle class. They promised so many goodies, it is unclear how they could afford them all. The NDP want to reduce greenhouse gases, but it not high on their agenda. Their leader is John Horgan, a jolly, enthusiastic, almost manic guy.
  2. The Greens

    have focussed on environmental issues. The catch is a vote for the Greens, in most cases will split the vote with the NDP, allowing the Liberals to take the seat. The Greens have some high-profile candidates like Andrew Weaver and Sonia Furstenau (who doggedly got the toxic dumping in the Shawnigan water supply stopped.) I expect these candidates to outpoll the NDP, therefore it would be strategic to vote Green in those ridings.
  3. The Liberals

    are anti-environment. They do whatever the sunset fossil fuel industry asks them to. Their financial policies always benefit the richest citizens at the expense of the poorest, corporations over people. e.g. tax cuts for the rich, subsidies for people buying million dollar homes.

    The Liberals lie outrageously and try to make it sound as if oil spills can’t happen or can be perfectly cleaned up and increased greenhouse gases are good for the environment. They do everything that can to keep the people from understanding oil spills can only be 5% cleaned up and bitumen spills 0%.

    They improperly spend millions of taxpayer dollars advertising the Liberal party. The leader, Christie Clark drives me nuts with her education-free accent. It is like having a hillbilly for premier. She mispronounces almost every word. She demands payment just to get her ear. They have embarked on a massive site C hydro electric dam, which even they say is unnecessary. It has massive environmental impact.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)