On 2016-11-29, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced approval for two of three major fossil fuel pipelines. Just one pipeline saturates our entire greenhouse gas target. Trudeau is lying pants-on-fire that we can build two pipelines and still fit in all our other emissions from cars and power plants and remain on target. To beat climate change, we must reduce greenhouse gases to zero not increase them.

These pipelines vastly increase the burning of fossil fuels. He talks like a drug dealer, fireworks seller, or arms dealer washing his hands of the effects of the products he sells. In Trudeau’s view, because the Chinese do the actual burning, we have no responsibility whatsoever for the greenhouse gases produced. No matter who burns them, it hurts everyone.

The Kinder Morgan pipeline will increase tanker traffic five-fold through the already saturated Vancouver harbour guaranteeing tanker collisions.

Trudeau made a purely political decision — the one that would lose him the fewest votes. He paid no attention to the fact that increasing greenhouse gases is suicidal. His is the most pathological form of short-term wishful thinking. The role of the prime minister is to do what is best for the country, not mollify the largest number of ignorant people.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)