Canvas or Plastic?

Advantages of Reusable vs Plastic Bags
Reusable Plastic
Plastic bags end up circulating in the Pacific ocean, more concentrated than plankton, never degrading, clogging the digestive tracts, lungs and gills of sea creatures and birds. The particles are too fine for current technology to clean up. Environmental vandals get a charge out of annoying environmentally responsible people. A plastic bag is cheaper badge of environmental vandalism than an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle).
Reusable bags do not break. They do not fall apart in the rain like paper bags. You would not even be able to lift a load heavy enough to damage a canvas bag. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity believe that double bagging when not necessary is manly and that using a canvas bag is feminine. I don’t follow. Further, I don’t see why they think women would want to appear manly.
Reusable bags hold more. You don’t have to remember to take a bag with you to go shopping.
Reusable bags are easier on your hands. You have to launder reusable bags every once in a while.
You have to buy a plastic bag each time (built into the price of the goods) even though you have hundreds of perfectly good ones already. You may get to the point you have no stock of generic plastic bags and have to buy some specialised ones for kitchen garbage pails.
Plastic bags are made of fossil fuels which have other much more valuable uses.
Canvas bags can be a male or female fashion statement. Plastic bags in contrast always look tacky.
Canvas bags are decorated with logos, images and messages you choose. Plastic bags are decorated with merchant advertising. You don’t always want people knowing where you have been shopping, especially around Christmas.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)