Is Death Certain?

I am an atheist and I am not certain that I will die and I think it unlikely that I will live indefinitely either. I would prefer the certainty of finite life, that most atheists share. The reason for my uncertainty is quite different from any I have ever heard.

Consider Wheeler’s many worlds hypothesis. Quantum uncertainty allows the universe to split in all possible (to be defined by quantum experts) directions from every point in space time.

You could classify branches by how quickly they lead to my almost certain demise. Though the probability densities get absurdly thin, even after centuries, there are likely some chains that would keep me alive. I am dead in nearly all universes, but in a few branches I live on, day after day.

I pity the mes in the ones where I linger indefinitely, though it might fun for the mes who get a rejuvenated body and mind, with some erasure of memories that haunt me like a sore tooth my tongue cannot stop probing.

The inspiration for strange ideas like this come from a class in theoretical probability (including Lebesgue measure) I took in fourth year university back in the 60s. It is also inspired by people often encountering me alive and being absolutely astounded. They are positive I had died. I speculated some sort of cross-pollination of many worlds, though obviously there are more mundane explanations. Further, I contracted HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus) back in 1985. Every year the doctors would say I had at most one more year. I am still here, yet all my friends, who nearly all became HIV+, are dead. This is mildly spooky and is consistent my paranoid hypothesis. Again, there is no lack of mundane explanations.

Quantum Mechanics are so flipping weird, I don’t feel all that certain about anything a universe than contains them. The one thing I am sure of is that I am baffled. Without fully understanding quantum mechanics, I don’t think I can close the matter.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)