The Plain Facts about Global Warming

Millions of years ago there were alligators living at the north pole. It never froze even in midwinter. What caused this? High levels of CO₂. 120 years ago Svante Arrhenius discovered that CO₂ causes global warming. This is hardly controversial. We have been accurately measuring CO₂ for 59 years. We can tote up how much carbon-based fuels we have burned to determine how much of the CO₂ increase is man-caused.

If we continue as we have been, we know exactly the unpleasant fate that awaits us. The only wiggle room is how drastically we humans reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It seems we would sooner die than face the tiniest inconvenience. Unfortunately, it is already too late to change our ways and avoid major pain. The CO₂ we have already emitted stays in the air for a thousand years.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)