Exodus Fraud

Christians tell us with a straight face that Moses wandered in the desert for 40 years with 2 million people. That is a crowd about the size of Houston Texas. Think how much food they would need every day, how much fuel, how much water, how much waste they would produce, how much sewage. Think of how many railway cars, trucks, planes and super markets are needed every day to serve modern Houston. They would have needed the low-tech equivalent in Moses’ day. The crowd was bigger than the most massive army of ancient times. They would have needed monumental supply lines. Yet archaeologists, despite a century of searching, have found absolutely nothing, not a skeleton, not a scrap of garbage, not a goat bone, not a button to mark their passing.

It is 209.21 km (130 miles) from Egypt to the promised land. Why did it take Moses 40 years? My dad trekked 80.47 km (50 miles) a day by horse. You would expect Moses to make at least 16.09 km (10 miles) per day. At that rate, Moses should have completed the journey in three weeks (or less) not 40 years. Most of the route is easy to follow along the coast. This is a tall tale.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69) Dr. William Morgan debunks Exodus among other things click to watch