Pascal’s Wager

The first argument a Christian will bring up to defend his belief in god is Pascal’s Wager This is the clue that logic has nothing to with his belief. It is fear. Christians were traumatised as children, taught to be terrified of an uncaring, cruel, vindictive, god whom they must pretend to love, or face being burned eternally.

They are victims of child abuse. No amount of logic will talk them out of it. They are like children terrified of monsters under the bed. A child may be 90% sure there is no monster under the bed, but just in case… Like children, Christians need reassurance they will be safe. They are victims of brainwashing at a very early age. The techniques to cure them of their delusions need to be similar to those you would use to reassure children.

Traumatising children that way should be a criminal offence.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)