Cited Book: Fear Less: Real Truth About Risk, Safety and Security in a Time of Terrorism

book cover recommend book⇒Fear Less: Real Truth About Risk, Safety and Security in a Time of Terrorism
by Gavin de Becker 978-0-316-08968-5 paperback
birth 1954-10-26 age:61 978-0-316-08596-0 hardcover
publisher Little 978-1-4025-4031-8 audio
published 2002-01-04
Gavin de Becker is a security expert. He talks about the measures that have been taken to reduce the risk of hijacking. However, he also points out that often the measures we take in response to terror are worse than the terrorism itself. For example, if bin Laden had demanded the government discard the right of habeas corpus, discard the right to a lawyer, start torturing POWS, start tapping phones and reading emails, the people would have rightly told him to get stuffed. Yet Americans have done these extremely drastic things to themselves to discard their liberties .
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