Cited Book: The Dark Box: A Secret History of Confession

book cover recommend book⇒The Dark Box: A Secret History of Confession
by John Cornwell 978-1-78125-109-6 paperback
birth 1940 age:76 978-0-465-03995-1 hardcover
publisher Basic Books 978-0-465-08049-6 eBook
published 2014-03-04 B00ET7IZDO kindle
In 1910, the pope decreed that children should weekly go to confessional. Children were terrified of the priests. In secret, in the intimacy of probing sins, the pedophile priests picked their victims. Then the pedophile priests confessed their crimes. Priests they confessed to were sworn to secrecy. The entire priesthood became complicit. Families pressed young men into the priesthood. This had the effect of delaying their sexual awaking to about age 30. They became pedophiles because children were the only victims available. They probably would not have been pedophiles had they been allowed normal sex lives with fellow adults of either gender.
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