Cited Book: Re-Visioning the Earth: A Guide TO Opening The Healing Channels Between Mind And Nature.

book cover recommend book⇒Re-Visioning the Earth: A Guide TO Opening The Healing Channels Between Mind And Nature.
by Paul Devereux 978-0-684-80063-9 paperback
publisher Fireside
published 1996-10-23

This is an unusual book, about how different cultures experience the natural world. Our experience depends much more on our Western cultural conditioning than we would ever imagine. It also tackles the slippery question what is consciousness? It is one of the few books I have seen that tackle the same subjects as my essay called Experience Is A Hallucination.

The truth surely is what we may ultimately come to do is destroy the particular type of life as we know it. If that happens, then, of course, our species would die off (alas, taking make other species with it): in the grim final analysis, the problem would be self-correcting. The earth can be a stern as well as bountiful mother and were we to disappear she would have the ages that belong to her in which to restore herself before giving birth to other orders of life. Earth’s song will go on whether or not we are part of it.
~ Paul Devereux
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