Cited Book: The Truth about Canada: Some Important, Some Astonishing and Some Truly Appalling Things All Canadians Should Know About Our Country

book cover recommend book⇒The Truth about Canada: Some Important, Some Astonishing and Some Truly Appalling Things All Canadians Should Know About Our Country
by Mel Hurtig 978-0-7710-4166-2 paperback
birth 1932-06-24 died:2016-08-03 at age:84 978-0-7710-4165-5 hardcover
publisher Douglas Gibson 978-1-55199-269-3 eBook
published 2008-04-28 B004HW6GVY kindle
Hurtig points out that if you compare Canada economically before and after NAFTA, all 30 indicators he looked at show Canada was better off before. NAFTA’s purpose is to transfer Canadian sovreignty to corporations. International corporations get rich off NAFTA, but ordinary citizens have just gotten screwed. I talked with Mr. Hurtig at a book signing. He has thousands of facts at his fingertips.
How well do you know Canada?
Statistics about Canada
% statistic
0 percent improvement in child poverty since 1989.
0 percent increase in middle class income, inflation-adjusted income since 1980.
0.75 percent of Canadians who donated to any political party in 2006.
2.4 percent of direct foreign investment that created new jobs, 97.6% was for takeover of existing companies which diverted the profits to offshore tax havens.
21 percent of jobs that are paid too low to provide food, shelter and heat. 8-12% is typical in Europe.
55 percent foreign takeovers financed by Canadian banks.
56 percent drop in foreign aid since 1975.
76 percentage of print and TV media in Vancouver BC owned by one company.
80 percent of Canadians who have never belonged to any political party.
100 percent increase in GDP since 1989.
400 percent increase in share of the economic pie by taken by investors at the expense of workers since 1992.

~ Mel Hurtig (born: 1932-06-24)
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