Cited Book: The Jesus Sayings: A Quest for the Authentic Teachings

book cover recommend book⇒The Jesus Sayings: A Quest for the Authentic Teachings
by Rex Weyler 978-0-88784-819-3 paperback
birth 1947-09-10 age:69 978-0-88784-212-2 hardcover
publisher Anansi B005LPS7ZO kindle
published 2008-02-28
In the early days of Christianity there were dozens of gospels. The church selected which versions it wanted to promote and burned the rest. However, some of these documents survived over a thousand years hidden in caves, graves or buried in the sand. Archaelogists have uncovered many of these documents which give a quite different picture of early Christianity from the official church history. Jesus never claimed divinity and neither did his followers claim it for him. There was no resurrection. Jesus taught that if his followers were compassionate it would generate the spirit of his presence. There was nothing at all about his physical return. These embellishments were added much later.
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