Cited Book: The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

book cover recommend book⇒The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice
by Christopher Hitchens 978-1-4555-2300-9 paperback
birth 1949-04-13 died:2011-12-15 at age:62 978-1-85984-929-3 hardcover
publisher Twelve 978-0-7710-3919-5 eBook
published 2012-04-10 978-1-61969-376-0 audio
  B007EDZ20O kindle
The dark side of Mother Theresa, her lying, her hanging out with questionable characters who donated money, hiding contributions, refusing to return stolen funds, refusing to spend money to help the poor, sitting on hundreds of millions in the bank, her championing of right wing causes, her encouragement of the poor to accept suffering as their lot. She refused to spend the money for steam to sterilise needles. She refused to buy pain killers even though some of her charges were dying of some very nasty cancers. She would tell people screaming in agony that they were fortunate to share the suffering of Jesus on the cross. The pain was like little kisses from Jesus. She was twisted, harbouring S&M fantasies.
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