Cited Book: OpenStack Operations Guide

book cover recommend book⇒OpenStack Operations Guide
by Tom Fifield, Diane Fleming, Anne Gentle, Lorin Hochstein, Jonathan Proulx, Everett Toews, Joe Topjian 978-1-4919-4695-4 paperback
publisher O’Reilly recommended 978-1-4919-0629-3 eBook
published 2014-05-24 B00JW0YOBA kindle
This book presumes competence in MySQL and Ubuntu. OpenStack has many optional pieces. You put your application together by selecting from the banquet. It teaches you how to:
  • Set up automated deployment and configuration.
  • Design a single-node cloud controller.
  • Use metrics to improve scalability.
  • Explore compute nodes, network design and storage.
  • Install OpenStack packages.
  • Use an example architecture to help simplify decision-making.
  • Build a working environment to explore an IaaS cloud.
  • Manage users, projects and quotas.
  • Tackle maintenance, debugging and network troubleshooting.
  • Monitor, log, backup and restore.
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