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Wishful Thinking

We must do something about climate change. We must have a balance so we do not disturb the economy or industry.

~ French Delivery Van Driver

That is like saying My house is on fire. We must put it out, however, we must not use any water, and we need the heat. There is no way to make a dent in climate change without some serious inconvenience. We have to stop burning fossil fuels. However, the job is not nearly as expensive as the bank bailout was. The fossil fuel industry have tried to exaggerate how onerous it is to stretch out the age of oil, and oil profits, as long as possible.


Ignorant Arrogance

The funny thing about ignorant people is they learn a tiny bit about science, then start claiming they know more about the subject than the scientists who taught them the little they know.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)

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