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Though Java can be used in hand-held units, when someone talks of a Java calculator, they usually mean a desktop simulator of an electronic hand-held calculator. You click the buttons. The simulated calculator has the advantage of a big screen for displaying results, debugging information and graphs. By using double, you can get about 14 significant digits.

You can put mathematical expressions in ordinary Google search boxes and have Google evaluate them for you.

It is highly convenent to have a hand-held calculator available when you are programming. You use it to check calculations, interconvert decimal ⇔ hex ⇔ binary ⇔ octal, to interconvert various forms of 24-bit colour names, to estimate results, to check your trigonometry with actual examples, interconvert metric ⇔ English/US/Imperial measure… Most calculators do not support the programmers’ functions with buttons, though the advanced ones allow you to download applications to handle base conversion.

electronic product image recommend electronic⇒Texas Instruments TI36X Scientific Calculatorto electronic home
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This is solar powered scientific calculator that does the necessary programmer and scientific/mathematical tasks you would want including hex, binary, octal and bitwise logical functions. It is not programmable, though it can do some statistical functions. It calculates accurate to 12 digits and displays up to 10. That will display 32-bit ints quantities, but not 64-bit longs. It is quite inexpensive and known for unusual durability. You can read the manual online to learn precisely what it can do. Compare it with its brothers to be sure you have the best fit. Be careful, just because another calculator is more expensive does not mean it has all the same programmer features.
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