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foot pedal
A foot pedal is invaluable for doing transcriptions of audio or video recordings by letting your hands do nothing but the transcription typing. In contrast, mouse controlled software takes your hands off the keyboard. Using the keyboard to control the audio may confuse the editor program you are typing into. You use software such as Transcription Buddy to monitor the foot pedal and play the audio in a number of possible formats for you and stop, start, rewind and fast forward it for you. It is amazing how fast transcription goes with the foot pedal.

Installation is as snap. You just plug the foot pedal into a free USB (Universal Serial Bus) port.

What to Look For In A Foot Pedal

foot pedal

Care and Feeding

My first introduction to foot pedals was not successful. The separate small light foot pedals for the Kinesis keyboard would not stay put. I could not find them. I am having much more success with the much heavier Olympus unit for transcription.
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NCH: source of footpedals and free software
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