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Incomplete Inventions

Motors make noise and that tells you about the feelings and attitudes that went into it. Something was more important than sensory pleasure — nobody would invent a chair or dish that smelled bad or that made horrible noises — why were motors invented noisy? How could they possibly be considered complete or successful inventions with this glaring defect? Unless, of course, the aggressive, hostile, assaultive sound actually served to express some impulse of the owner.

~ Philip Slater (born:1927-05-15 died:2013-06-20 at age:86),   The Wayward Gate: Science and the Supernatural
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Hillary’s Error

Trump kept calling Hillary crooked. He never specified her crime. All he would say is it had something to do with emails. He never offered any evidence. He just repeated the claim thousands of times. His idiot followers took up the chant lock her up, without realising (or caring) it was an utterly empty lie.

His followers were technopeasants, who had not even the first clue what an email server was. This made is easier for Donald to make it sound like using the wrong email server was worse than treason, even though the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) said it was a non-criminal simple error.

Trump’s lies about Hillary were just as empty as his lies about Obama’s birth certificate.

Even though Trump thoroughly disgraced himself with years of birther lies, for some reason his reputation for truth remained intact. He was able to get away with thousands of new lies, with nothing more than Hitlerian big-lie repetition. He never offered evidence for any of them.

Hillary did not want the campaign to degenerate to an endless discussion about the email server lie, so she said nothing. The problem was Trump supporters took this as a tacit admission of guilt. She should have had some surrogates challenge Donald to be specific and to put up or shut up with evidence, perhaps even threaten him with a libel suit (borrowing a page from his own playbook).

Many Trump voters held their noses to vote for him. They wanted an outsider who would run Washington with businesslike efficiency and sweep away the corruption. They were willing to put up with racism, rape, bigotry, mental deficiency… to get it.

Trump’s claim to be a white knight was nonsense. Trump himself bragged about how he bought politicians. The constitution does not permit a corporate dictator. It is a system of checks and balances. The president cannot fire people who disagree with him. Hillary failed to debunk this dictatorial image that Trump falsely created for himself. Trump is filling his cabinet with insiders. He is refusing to put his assets into a blind trust. He is laying the groundwork to be far more corrupt himself than Hillary or Bill ever were.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)

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