Canadian Mind Products Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary Canadian Mind Products Computer Hardware Buyers’ Glossary

Comparing to Hitler

It is not considered politically correct to compare anyone to Hitler or the Nazis. This makes no sense. We should call a warning when we see the same danger signs. There was nothing unique about Hitler. We have seen plenty of men since equally evil and crazy.
~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 66)
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atomic clock digital TV (DTV/HDTV) headset (headphone, microphone, speakers) mouse (mouse feet, mouse pad) speakers
backup cellphone (BlackBerry, iPhone) keyboard (DSK, Cherry, Kinesis) partition SSD
cables digital recorder iPad power supply USB
case (computer, DVD) DVD (case) iPhone printer (inkjet, laser) USB flash drive
cleaning eBook (Kindle, Kobo, Nook) iPod RAM video card
moose  contact Ethernet Linux router webcam
hard disk monitor sound card WiFi
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For the purpose of defence, nearly all of the US military is superfluous. No country has attacked the USA since it acquired nukes. They all know that if they attacked and did any serious damage, the USA would annihilate them in minutes with a rain of ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles). Only a diffuse, non-national, terrorist organisation dare attack. The military is primarily for foreign offensive wars to acquire natural resources. The nuclear umbrella allows the USA to pre-emptively and illegally attack other countries without risking counter attacks on its own soil.
~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 66)

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