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Red Zebras

Did you know there are zebras with red and white stripes, also green and white and even cyan and black?
You mean painted, in a circus, or photoshopped?

No, I mean natural, living in the wild in Africa.
That’s odd. I have never seen a picture of one, much less on safari or in a zoo or game farm.

They exist, sure as I am standing here. Mark my word!
You’ve seen one?

No, but my Tibetan Guru Lomborg says they exist. He is an enlightened master and so is incapable of speaking untruth.
I think he is full of it. Show me one.

Prove they could not possibly exist!
I think you just made this up. Most things people just make up I could not prove could not possibly exist either, like Bertrand Russell’s teapot orbiting Jupiter. My lack of inability to prove impossibility is not evidence for their existence. Even if such zebras were possible, there is extremely slim to no evidence they actually do exist. You don’t find mammals of any species with those colours. There are no natural green pigments other than chlorophyll. Birds create green feathers with interference patterns not with pigments the way mammals do.
How do you explain the fact that no one but your guru has ever seen them? that no DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) has ever been collected for them? that there not even any UFO-quality photos?
At the very least you should hold onto your scepticism over this fanciful story until you see a hide, a photo or some accounts from professional zoologists. The only reason you believe in these zebras is because you would think it highly pleasant if they did exist. You are indulging in wishful thinking, not rational thinking.

Blasphemer! 110% guaranteed you will roast in hell for your unbelief.

This is the same sort of silliness Christians peddle about Yahweh every day and atheists humour them like psychiatrists humouring their delusional patients.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)

P.S. I suspect someday a teapot will orbit Jupiter, as a prank from the graduating class in astrophysics at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

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RSS feed for the Java glossary

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RSS feed for various ethical concerns

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RSS feed for the Gay and Black glossary

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I am doing reasonably well with HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus). My new drugs are now holding down the HIV. Nausea and diarrhoea are tolerable. I am not sleeping all the time. Last revised/verified: 2014-08-25

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Junk Politics

Junk politics minimises large complex problems at home while maximising threats from abroad. It is also given to abrupt unexplained reversals of its own public stances, often spectacularly bloating problems previously minimised. It seeks at every turn to obliterate voters’ consciousness of socioeconomic and other differences in their midst.

~ Benjamin DeMott (1924-06-02 2005-09-29 age:81) Junk Politics: The Trashing of the American Mind

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