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Terminally Stupid Trump Supporters

Trump supporters tell me they are sick and tired of being pushed around by fat cats. So whom do they choose as their pied piper? Donald Trump, the ultimate fat cat. He shits into a gold plated toilet. He lives in a gold tomb, decorated like Saddam Hussein’s palace. He skipped taxes for the last 18 years. He dodged the draft using his influence. He faked bankruptcy four times making billions by ripping off his creditors. He made a habit of hiring people to do construction for him then stiffing them. He even stiffed a little girl band he hired to entertain at rallies.

They vote for Republicans who invariably give massive tax cuts to the wealthy and increase the taxes on the middle class. Further, they insert tax loopholes for the rich. They promise reduced spending then jack up military spending. The US military is already bigger than the rest of the countries combined. The press to ensure only the wealthy get health care, denying even themselves and their kids!

They claim to be Christians, yet they cheer on a guy who confessed to serial sexual assault on 18 women.

They turn the other way when they learn Trump gang-raped a 13-year old virgin, tying her to a bed, taking turns with his convicted pedophile buddy Jeffrey Epstein in front of two witnesses. The case is going to court in 2016-12.

He promised to drain the swamp, then appointed only lobbyists and Washington insiders to his cabinet, all people famous for their corruption. Before the election, Trump himself bragged how he routinely bought politicians. This is like expecting an alligator to drain the swamp.

Trump supporters are stupid because they always vote against their own self interest. They believe whatever BS Trump tells them without ever checking it out for plausibility.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)


When I was in elementary school and in junior high, almost every day of my life I was beaten up by small gangs. I was completely miserable. I was completely frustrated. I felt as though I had no power whatsoever in the situation. As an adult, I can think of alternate strategies I could have tried (e.g positive intention analysis, extreme media shaming, ambush, striking with additional mass, martial arts, persuading I was willing to escalate retaliation without limit, heavy pressuring school staff, my parents and the bully’s parents to come to my aid, witty, cruel, pre-planned verbal attacks, enlisting peers, enlisting help of the civil justice system, enlisting help of the criminal justice system, bodyguards and pranging).

Perhaps what kids need is a lecture as part of health class on strategies to deal with bullying. The lecturer would also guide a discussion on what constitutes the legal and ethical treatment of bullies. The kids would come to understand why breaking bullies of their bad habit is actually a compassionate act, benefiting everyone involved, including the bullies. The bullies too would hear the same material. :) Bullying would immediately lighten up and become more like a game than a mindless sadistic compulsion. Even if kids are not being bullied then, they will probably encounter some later in life.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)

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