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Proof of No God

There is no proof that God, does not exist. If you can prove that God does not exist, please post your proof and I will read through it or watch it and if it is valid evidence I will take it as truth.

~ Wondergoat

Why do you need mathematical proof rather than simply overwhelming evidence, especially when you have not a stick of evidence to support your god hypothesis? Surely the weight of evidence should prevail, as in a court room. Just as easily I could demand you prove that god exists. That would be equally unreasonable.

Then I take you think it impossible to prove to (in the sense of convince) a child that there are no monsters under the bed. I take it seeing no monster, seeing no evidence of monster activity, pointing out the complete lack of monster attacks on TV and in the newspapers is not sufficient. That alone such be sufficient to dispel fear of monsters or gods.

Properly speaking, proof is a term from the realm of mathematics. You don’t prove cows have four legs, you offer evidence they do. You can’t prove the sun will rise tomorrow either, though you can give ample evidence historical, astronomical and gravitational why it almost certainly will.

Your argument reminds me a bit of a child who says, I refuse to eat my peas until you prove they are good for me. It is just a way of discarding the parent’s rational arguments for eating the hated peas.

Geometry and algebra are about the only places in life where it makes sense to demand a proof. Only in that realm is truth so certain.

You set the bar preposterously high, higher than the level of certainty the sun will rise tomorrow because you are dishonest. You are just looking for an excuse to ignore the overwhelming evidence that you are peddling an idiotic notion for which there is no evidence and a filthy con.


A Creationist Lie

living cells — which Darwin thought were mere blobs of protoplasm — actually consist of countless molecular machines that have the hallmarks of design.

~ Jonathan Wells (1942 age:74) The Politically Incorrect Guide To Darwinism and Intelligent Design

This is one of the most common creationist lies. Darwin himself included diagrams of the complex internal structure of cells in his books.

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