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Discharge for Loving

When I was in the military, they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.

~ Leonard P. Matlovich (born:1943-07-06 died:1988-06-22 at age:44) Technical Sergeant in the Viet Nam War. Inscription on his tombstone.

Just because he is gay I do not forgive him for killing two people (perhaps more) who were no threat to the USA. He killed people because he enjoyed killing. He was not drafted. He enlisted.

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Being Gay is Worse Than Murder

Rabid Christians such as the late Fred Phelps (born:1929-11-13 died:2014-03-19 at age:84) tell me that being gay is worse than murder. I find this assertion bat shit crazy. Murder is violent and painful. Murder takes away another’s very existence. It take away all further interaction from the people who know the victim. It prevents from happening all of the victim’s future accomplishments.

Being gay or having gay sex affects no one else. If you give someone a blow job, you are giving them pleasure, not harming them. Unless the Christian pries, he has no way of even detecting the alleged crime. Why do Christians focus so intently on a sin their cult founder never mentioned and ignore the sins he went on and on and on about?

Their founder behaved as if he were gay.

Mark 14:51-52 said And there followed him a certain young man, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body; and the young men laid hold on him: And he left the linen cloth and fled from them naked.

Then there is And going near, Jesus rolled away the stone from the door of the tomb. And straightway, going in where the youth was, he stretched forth his hand and raised him, seizing his hand.
But the youth, looking upon him, loved him and began to beseech him that he might be with him. And going out of the tomb they came into the house of the youth, for he was rich.
And after six days, Jesus told him what to do and in the evening the youth comes to him, wearing a linen cloth over nakedness. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the Kingdom of God. And thence arising, he returned to the other side of the Jordan.
from the suppressed part of the Gospel of Mark.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)

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