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Absolute Morality

Every religion offers its own variant on morality. In addition, the legal system of every country offers yet another variant. To add to the confusion, every person adjusts the morality of his religion by ignoring most of his religion’s commandments or by deciding that some parts of it are so important, they should be mandatory for everyone else.

It is thus crazy to pretend there is but one unique, universal, absolute morality, built into the universe like the mass of an electron. Morality is an opinion. It evolves as groups of people form a consensus.

Even people who for example claim Yahweh is the only god, and wrote the only legitimate version of morality in the bible, ignore 99% of the commandments. The bible was written a long time ago by some morally-primitive humans. We have progressed quite a bit since then. We no longer keep slaves. We no longer stone non-virgin brides to death. We no longer kill Sunday shoppers. We no longer kill non-Christians. So it makes sense for modern Christians to use a much more enlightened morality than the hateful, cruel, blood-thirsty morality described in the bible. Since everyone ignores different bits of the biblical morality, or uses a different holy book altogether and since every society has a different morality, and gets along just fine, morality can hardly be called absolute.

I am baffled that anyone would claim morality is absolute, when it is abundantly clear it is not.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)

Ask an Expert

If you wanted to know what rock musicians had to say, you would ask rock musicians not people who hated them. Ditto for evolutionists.

However, creationists prefer to ask fellow creationists who tell them tall tales to make evolution look utterly silly. It never occurs to them to ask the evolutionists directly how evolution works. Christians don’t really want to know. They might change their minds. It never occurs to creationists that scientists with IQs (Intelligence Quotients) many times theirs would never say the sorts of silly things that liars like Kirk Cameron and Ken Ham do.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)

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