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Blind Charges At Darwin

Darwinism explains only the least interesting changes and modifications in physical structure: it does not explain the movement of life or its manifest direction towards excellence; and as to origins and as to the final destination of all this vast and orderly movement of life, it is dumb.

~ Edward Harold Begbie (1871 1929 age:58)

I find that an odd way to attack Darwin. I doubt Begbie ever read more than a few pages of Darwin, just read about him from fellow Christians. Darwin goes on at length in his books to explain natural selection, the progressive adaptation to environment, the reaction to competition, or as Begbie would term it manifest direction towards excellence. Begbie apparently does not understand that evolution/natural selection is like a blind worm, tormented by brambles (predators, illness) every time it makes a move. It naturally moves to better places, bit by tiny bit, without any planning. You don’t have to be brilliant to make progress, given enough time. Evolution has millions of years to work with. Even with an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) of 1, (the approximate computation power of the process of natural selection) you can still have impressive results. (To clarify, evolution is not about individuals doing anything or changing. It is only about minute changes between generations.)



If you can’t show it, you don’t know it.

~ Aron Ra (pronounced R.N. Raw) (née L. Aron Nelson) (1962-10-15 age:55)

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