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I read in the Gospels that Jesus forgave the men who nailed him to the cross. He even promised this day you shall be with me in paradise to a thief crucified next to him — a thief who addressed Jesus simply as a man rather than as the son of God. Yet, today, this same Jesus cannot forgive my kindly old aunt and allow her to dwell in paradise, simply because her beliefs do not match Reverend So — and — So’s?
~ Andrew Silver

Faith Required to Assemble

Marius Forté is a Christian salesman. He says, that you have to believe in Jehovah first, or he will for all purposes not exist. Let’s say this is true. Presumably people like Mr. Forté were able to suspend disbelieve and start receiving messages from Jehovah. How does he know the source of these messages? Consider that George W. Bush attacked Iraq, allegedly at Jesus’s urging. Many people, myself included, are doubtful about the source of the voices in Bush’s head. I am similarly doubtful about Forté’s voices. If his claim were true, Forté could show us some consequence of these messages or at least share the text of them to see if there were sufficiently wise and divine to be from Jehovah. He cannot. If his claim were true, Forté would be transformed in some way for the better, but he was not. He is a remarkably rude and obnoxious bully.
~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 66)

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