[Yet another argument against intelligent design.] Though it is true we are the highest and smartest animals, ospreys have eyes we have calculated to be sixty times more powerful and sophisticated than our own and that blindness, often caused by microscopic parasites that are themselves miracles of ingenuity, is one of the oldest and most tragic disorders known to man. And why award the superior eye (or in the case of cat or bat, also the ear) to the inferior species.

~ Christopher Hitchens (born: 1949-04-13 died: 2011-12-15 at age: 62)

Facing Death

I have noticed something peculiar. Christians are in general very reluctant to die. They demand heroic medical efforts to keep them alive just weeks longer. They oppose suicide, euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. You would think they would eager to head off to heaven. Atheists are generally much more comfortable with death. If there is fear, it is of the suffering prior to dying, not dying itself. Perhaps the Christians are trying procrastinate being roasted alive.

If you are an atheist, death itself is not particularly scary. It is like going under anaesthesia and not waking. You may feel regret for not having accomplished more. You feel sadness at parting with loved ones. You feel nostalgia knowing you have already done many things for the last time. You may wish you had altered the priorities of your life to have taken better advantage of the short time you had. You would ask yourself at least once, what if I am wrong and there is an afterlife? You might tell yourself I was kind as any Christian or Hindu. I refrained many times from taking revenge on my enemies. If the one true deity punishes people for not being born into homes that teach the worship of him, then that deity does not deserve worship.

If you are a Christian, death is a stressful time. You believe you are about to be harshly judged. If you come up wanting, you will be tortured eternally. You may obsess on shameful things you have done that others do not know about, so their reassurances are not that reassuring. If you read the bible, it points out thousands of reasons why you will certainly be condemned, not the least that heaven has room for only 144,000 male virgins (some heaven, unless you are a pedophile). You may tell yourself over and over you will be fine, but like a nervous airplane passenger, that is not much consolation. Finally, you may notice that there is no evidence for your belief in the afterlife. It just a group of people frantically reassuring each other they believe firmly it is so. That is no foundation. You may have wasted you entire life preparing for this exam that will never happen. Oddly, Christians don’t worry if they picked the correct god to worship and neither do Hindus or Muslims, even though the odds are at best in 1 in 10,000 they did.

~ Roedy (born: 1948-02-04 age: 66)

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