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Order of Fossils

Fossils are always found with oldest fossils deepest and the most recent fossils on top. This is because there are new sediments each year that bury that year’s dead. Further, the evolutionarily most primitive animals are found deepest, and the most complex is on top. The ordering is extremely precise. Why? because an animal species does not live that long on earth. Its bodies are found only in a narrow band of sediments. In particular we never see dinosaur and human fossils mixed together because they never lived on earth at the same time.

When J.B.S Haldane was asked what would disprove evolution, he said Rabbits in the Precambrian. This incredibly precise ordering of fossils is one of the best evidences of evolution. How do Christians explain it? A swimming contest during Noah’s flood. I kid you not. The idea is so hare-brained I can barely bring myself to refute it.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:69)


The invisible looks quite a bit like the non-existent.

~ Julia Sweeney (born:1959-10-10 age:57)

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