Living Love

Living Love

The Abundance Puzzle

If poverty is having less than you want, what is abundance?

Answer: Abundance is wanting less than you have.

So instead of constantly striving to increase what you have, try decreasing what you want. Let go of all those endless desires that can never be satisfied — all those desires that lead people into debt and despair.

~ Andrew Pirrie (born:1935-04-25 age:81)
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Sand For My Oyster

When politicians or bigots do something I find outrageous, I nearly always write a mini-essay on the topic on comment on some news websites. I tell myself, that without these irritating proddings, I would have nothing articulate to say in opposition to wicked politicians or bigots. They are like the grain of sand, around which I, like an oyster, craft my pearls of wisdom.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)

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