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Living Love

Exaggerated Expectations

Besides man, only elephants and cetacea mourn their dead for long periods of time. Every day about 275,000 people die. Only a tiny fraction of them attract attention outside their immediate families. It works pretty much the way a herd of wildebeest that take no notice when one of them is taken by a pride of lions. Yet many people imagine they are supposed to be known and honored throughout humanity and if they are not they have done something seriously wrong.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)
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Contemplating Futility

The wise man will be as happy as circumstances permit, and if he finds the contemplation of the universe painful beyond a point, he will contemplate something else instead.

~ Bertrand Russell (1872-05-18 1970-02-02 age:97) The Conquest of Happiness

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