Cited Book: No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden

book cover recommend book⇒No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden
by Mark Owen, Kevin Maurer 978-0-7181-7752-2 paperback
birth 1976 age:40 978-0-525-95372-2 hardcover
publisher Dutton Adult 978-1-101-61130-2 eBook
published 2012-09-04 978-1-61176-156-6 audio
  B008MG1E4A kindle
Mark Owen is the pseudonym of Matt Bissonnette, a SEAL who participated in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. The military is furious with him for spilling a few details of the assassination, claiming they are important military secrets. They threatened to prosecute him and his publisher. Bissonnette is actually a low-level whistle-blower who exposed some of the military’s lesser lies. He claims there is no classified material in the book. In my view the military has no right to keep secrets from the voters when the purpose is to deceive and manipulate the voters, rather than keeping the supposed enemy from gaining an advantage in battle.
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