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All Or Nothing

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

All Or Nothing

Hernadez : : 2000-06-11

Actually I failed to make a couple of points clear: either all of the Bible is true and Jesus and God are one and Jesus is the only to eternalness with the only true God or Jesus is a liar and the Bible is simply a historical fiction. On the other hand I know all that God has done in a precise, detailed way to convince me of his love and care for me, even in details! And I am familiar with many religions and have travelled around the world and I read a lot. I understand what you are saying that it seems like the Bible has strange and contrary ideas, but if you give him a chance, you will be convinced as I am and so many others, who have been willing to die so that others can truly live. I find your page interesting and I see you have many responses. May God bless you!! Einstein also fought with the idea of God. I believe that he believed in the true God, but had a hard time with what God established: Jesus! from the same friend who cares cause Jesus did & does!

It is patently obvious to me that the story of Noah is not true. I have recently posted even more reasons why could not be true. By your reasoning, then I should reject the whole Bible and everything Jesus said. I find that extreme. Jesus said some interesting things that I wish I could convince Christians to try. Have you considered a third possibility? There is a loving God and the Biblical description of Him is highly inaccurate?

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