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CAQ (Commonly Asked Question). A question that comes up many times a day on the newsgroups because people refuse to read before they ask. Some of the most commonly asked question are:

Commonly asked Java questions

  1. I got a NoClassDefFoundError. What do I do? See NoClassDefFoundError.
  2. I got an UnsatisfiedLinkError. What do I do? See UnsatisfiedLinkError.
  3. I got a NullPointerException. What do I do? See NullPointerException.
  4. I got an OutOfMemoryError. What do I do? See OutOfMemoryError.
  5. Why is the compiler giving me an error message when I try to construct a new generic object? How can I do it?. See generics.
  6. What do I need to run Java? You need the JRE to run Java either standalone or in a browser. You need the JDK to write Java programs. Both are free.

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