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The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is the Canadian public radio and TV broadcasting system. Radio shows have websites where you can get podcasts and view videos and images, and submit feedback. You can also record Talkback for verbal feedback sometimes played on air.


CBC Radio Shows
Website Blog Email Talkback Host
The 180 the180@cbc.ca Jim Brown
A Propos A-Propos@cbc.ca Jim Corcoran
Africa Link info@dw.com
All Points West allpointswest@cbc.ca 1+(800) 757-1446 Robyn Burns
This American Life web@thislife.org Ira Glass
As It Happens aih@cbc.ca 1+(866) 481-5718 Carol Off & Jeff Douglas
BC Almanac almanac@cbc.ca 1+(800) 825-5950 Gloria Macarenko
Backstage Ben Heppner
BackStory backstory@cbc.ca Nahlah Ayed
BBC Trending no contact Mukul Devichand
Because News form Gavin Crawford
Blue Sky form 1+(800) 716-2221 Garth Materie
Business Daily worldservice.letters@bbc.co.uk
Campus https://www.facebook.com/cbccampus Albert Leung
Canada Live canadalive@cbc.ca Nana aba Duncan
Canada Reads form Wab Kinew
C’est la vie cestlavie@cbc.ca 1+(514) 597-4486 Bernard St-Laurent
Cross Country Checkup checkup@cbc.ca 1+(888) 416-8333 Duncan McCue
The Current thecurrent@cbc.ca 1+(877) 287-7366 Anna Maria Tremonti
Day 6 day6@cbc.ca Brent Bambury
The Debaters form Steve Patterson
The Doc Project docproject@cbc.ca Naheed Mustafa
DocZone form Ann-Marie MacDonald
Early Edition earlyed@cbc.ca 1+(604) 662-6690 Rick Cluff
Future Tense email form Australian broadcasting
Hardtalk Facebook Part of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) world news.
Heart and Soul Facebook
Hot Air form Margaret Gallagher
The House thehouse@cbc.ca 1+(416) 205-3700 Chris Hall
Ideas ideas@cbc.ca 1+(416) 205-3700 Paul Kennedy
In The Field inthefield@cbc.ca 1+(416) 205-3700 David Gutnick
Inside Europe europe@dw.de Gabriel Borrud
Inside The Music carole.warren@cbc.ca playlist
The Irrelevant Show irrelevant@cbc.ca 1+(866) 306-4636 Pat Kelly & Peter Oldring
Laugh Out Loud laughoutloud@cbc.ca 1+(866) 306-4636 Alli Hassan
Living Out Loud livingoutloud@cbc.ca Chris Howden
Living Planet form
Midori House
The Next Chapter thenextchapter@cbc.ca 1-866-306-4636 Shelagh Rogers
New Fire newfire@cbc.ca Lisa Charleyboy
North By Northwest nxnw@cbc.ca Sheryl MacKay
Now or Never nowornever@cbc.ca Ify Chiwetelu and Trevor Dineen
Off Track email form Ann Jones
On The Coast onthecoast@cbc.ca 1+(604) 662-6979 Stephen Quinn
On The Island victoria@cbc.ca (250) 360-1614 or
1+(800) 757-1446
Gregor Craigie
Out In The Open form (866) 306-4636 Piya Chattopadhyay
Outlook outlook@bbc.com Ann Jones
Offtrack email form Matthew Bannister
Podcast Playlist podcastplaylist@cbc.ca Matt Galloway
Q q@cbc.com 1+(416) 205-3700 Tom Power
Quirks and Quarks form 1+(416) 205-6124 Bob McDonald
Podcast Playlist podcastplaylist@cbc.ca Sean Rameswaram
RadioLab radiolab@wnyc.org Jad Abumrad
Rewind rewind@cbc.ca 1+(866)-306-4636 Michael Enright
Saturday Night Blues snb@cbc.ca 1+(780) 468-7468 Holger Petersen
The Science Hour
The Secrets of the Fifth Estate fifth@cbc.ca Bob McKeown, Gillian Findlay, Mark Kelley
Sleepover form Sook-Yin Lee
Spark spark@cbc.ca 1+(877) 347-7275 Nora Young
Spectrum christoph.jumpelt@dw.com 1+(877) 347-7275 Christoph Jumpelt (Deutsch Welle)
Stripped email from Sarah Meehan Sirk
The Story From Here thestoryfromhere@cbc.ca rotates
The Sunday Edition thesundayedition@cbc.ca 1+(416) 205-3700 Michael Enright
Tapestry tapestry@cbc.ca 1+(416)-205-6017 Mary Hynes
Think About It thinkaboutit@cbc.ca Roberta Walker
This Is That form 1+(877) 563-2442 Pat Kelly & Peter Oldring
Tooth and Claw toothandclaw@cbc.ca Peter Brown & Manusha Janakiram
Under The Influence form 1+(866)306-4636 Terry O’Reilly
Unreserved unreserved@cbc.ca Rosanna Deerchild
The Urbanist contacts
The Vinyl Café email form Stuart McLean
Vinyl Tap form Randy Bachman
Watchel on the Arts form 1+(416) 205-3700 Eleanor Wachtel
White Coat, Black Arts form 1+(866) 648-6714 Dr. Brian Goldman
The World (PRI) form Marco Werman
The World at 6 w6@cbc.ca Alison Smith
The Why Factor WHYFACTOR@bbc.com
WorldLink form
Writers & Co form 1+(866) 306-4636 Eleanor Wachtel


The trick to using Talkback is to precede your message with your name and phone number. When you have furnished speaking the message, hit # on your telephone keypad. (They don’t tell you this.) Then you can hit 2 to replay the message and 79 to deliver it.

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