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On 2012-12-18 RhinoSoft the maker of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Voyageur was bought out by SolarWinds. The new owner has made FTP Voyageur a free program. It is a utility for uploading and downloading files via FTP. The latest version is Last revised/verified: 2014-11-05. I like it because it has fewer bugs than the competition and lets me see what is going on when there is trouble. For automation, you need a tool like Netload, but FTP Voyager is useful when things don’t work or for exploring a new site. It hides its configuration in "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\RhinoSoft.com\FTP Voyager\FTPVoyager.ftp". In Vista, look in "C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\RhinoSoft.com\FTP Voyager\FTPVoyager.ftp". You might want to back this file up. Both the plain and secure versions are free.

The problems with it:

I am sick to death of this program. I think the only way to get something decent is to write my own.


Atomic FTP upload: student project

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