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A version control system popular in Linux. GitHub is an website that hosts Git repositories. It does most of its work locally rather than on a central server. This makes it 10 to 100 faster than traditional version control. Every user maintains a complete clone of the entire repository, not just the current versions. Eclipse uses Git. Logically, every version of a file is stored, indexed by SHA checksum, complete. There is delta compression that can transparently compress any file against any other. There is also GZip compression. Git works in a completely different way from previous generations of version control, logically keeping a complete read-only copy of every file in every state it has ever seen. It synchronises by sending files the other station does not yet have, not by merging. Synchronising is between any two clients or servers running the client software. Git would not have been possible before large cheap hard disks.


book cover recommend book⇒Pro Gitto book home
by Scott Chacon 978-1-4302-1833-3 paperback
publisher Apress 978-1-4302-1834-0 eBook
published 2009-08-27 B003NHRMXA kindle
He covers the history of version control, how to set up Git, Git for beginners and Git for experts. Unusually well-written. You can read it free online.
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