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IMDb (Internet Movie Data base). If you are a movie or TV show buff, this database is invaluable. You can look up by show, by actor or by character to find all you wanted to know about a movie or show episode including plot summaries and reviews. I find it very useful to learn about a movie on TV when all I know about it is one or two actors or some character names. It has photos of the actors to help confirm identity. I write reviews on it of exceptionally good or bad movies. It find my own reviews help me recall the details of the greats I have seen in the past. It is free, though there is also a premium for-pay membership.

It is fun to discover early cameo rôles by famous actors on shows like Perry Mason, Matlock and Murder She Wrote before they became famous.

It is a very popular website with about 50 million visitors a month.

Its biggest failing is not having photos for all the actors it lists. I would think actors, their agents or their descendants would submit them. I sometimes write emails prodding people who would have pictures to submit them.

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