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PaintShop Pro
Aka PSP. Corel’s, (formerly JASC’s), program for creating *.gif and *.jpg image files. The latest version is X6 Last revised/verified: 2008-01-30. It is quite a complex tool. The original version was primarily for creating images by painting pixels. The latest version is primarily about doctoring photographs, including removing backgrounds and smoothing skin. If it complains you are out of disk and/or ram space what it really means is you have the print margins set too big.. The Paint Shop Pro Users Group can be an excellent resource for PaintShop Pro related issues. They also have a tutorials section at this page. I upgraded to the Ultimate version. It comes with all kinds of additional independent programs and add-ons. The basic program itself seems not much changed. Last revised/verified: 2009-03-14


Here are few very basic tips to get you started with PSP 7. PSP X2 costs  $90.00 USD or  $55.00 USD for and upgrade from PSP 7+.

The big improvement in PSP X2 is a background removal tool. It does not do alphachannel, and it is not perfect, but it does a fair bit of the bull work. I prefer IconXP for shrinking images since it smooths the edges with anti-aliasing.


On 2009-04-08 I wrote Corel asking them to make these improvements to PSP.
Corel is somewhat dishonest. I purchased two years of updates on PaintShop Pro X6. To avoid giving them to me, they renamed the next version of PSP to X3, and charged me $70.00 CAD for it.

Background Erasing

PSP by itself is not sufficient for erasing backgrounds. See background elimination for how.

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