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Playin’ The Money Game

Playin’ The Money Game : Jai Michael Josephs : from Open Up Your Vision

Now since I opened up my heart
my whole life has been changed
But I still go to work like anyone
But now instead of wasting myself
chasing after cash
I play the money game and I have fun


Playin’ the money game
Playin’ the money game
I am not addicted to power
wealth or fame, no I’m just
Playin’ the money game
Playin’ the money game

Whether I win or lose I feel the same
Now I used to make myself upset
with others on the job
Or only do enough to just get by
But when I see each moment
as a chance to love and serve
Any work I do can get me high


I used to think I needed fancy cars
and fancy clothes
To show the world my life
was working fine
But now I don’t need fancy things
to validate my life
’Cause all the love I need’s already mine


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