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Canadian Mind Products Downloadable Utilities Master Index

Downloadable Utilities Master Index

All of the utilities posted here are free! and come with well-commented source. However, they all have a non-military use restriction. This amounts to public domain for non-military use.
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Downloadable Utilities Master Index

General Information About Mindprod Downloads

  1. Clicking below on any particular utility will take you to a summary and links to documentation, source and download zip files.
  2. If you have trouble with prices not displaying or your browser freezing on this site, most likely the problem is you have no Java, an obsolete Microsoft Java or possibly an obsolete Sun Java installed. Click to Get The Latest Java.
  3. You have to be online with your browser to download the zips. The Replicator off-site mirror does not contain them.
  4. You don’t have to download the entire package to browse the source code of any Canadian Mind Products programs, even ones not released officially, by looking in the Subversion repository which also track the history of changes.
    browse mindprod source in repository: use browser to browse repository
    access mindprod source in repository with [Tortoise] Subversion client on use Tortoise Subversion to browse repository
  5. PADmapYou can download a list of all the Canadian Mind Products PAD files in simple PADmap format. PAD (Portable Application Description) They contain contact information about the author and details about a program in a standard XML format.
  6. You can downloadCSV format file containing a list of all the Canadian Mind Products downloadable programs and their current versions and dates, download and PAD URLs. Timestamps are in Zulu format. You could use this information in an efficient version checker to detect recent updates.
  7. The screenshot links marked with the FastStone logo FastStone Logo were made with the FastStone capture utility.

Downloadable Utilities Master Index

Abundance Cropper ISBN Amanuensis Rgrow
Accumulate CSVReader/Writer JarCheck RightSize
Align CurrCon Currency Converter JarLook Say!
American State Sales Tax Calculator DeDup JDisplay Screws
Amper Echo Server KeyPlayer SetClock
Aquarium Sand Depth Calculator Encode Encipher Encrypt LEDataStream ShellSort
Available Encoding Recogniser LinkedList Site Download (Replicator)
BackupToZip Encodings MakeKey SiteMap For Google
Base64 Ensure Masker SnapTime
Batik Entity Strip/Insert MASMBalancer SortCode
BigDate Esperanto Tradukilo Vortope MASMTidy SortedArrayList and Merge
Biorhythms Calculator Extract MimeCheck Sorting
BlOut FastCat Mini PAD Submitter SortSRS
BOOTSave/BOOTRest File I/O Amanuensis Mouse Position Detector Sound
Borders File Splitter Mutex Speaker
Boyer File Transfer NetworkCam Spinner
BraceBalancer FilenameFilters Official Encoding Splice
BrokenLinks FileTimes Palette SurrogatePair
Bulk Emailer FindParked Password Generator Tabin
Canadian Sales Tax Calculator FontSaver Pathways Amanuensis Tabout
Chaos FontShower Pentium/AMD CPU ID The Replicator
Chop and Behead FontShowerAWT PGPKeywords TimeZones
CMOSSave/CMOSRest FourTidy Pluck Transporter
Coal GoldenCoin Population Unicode
ColorSaver GreetingCard PowCost Untouch
CommandLine HeapSort Primes VerCheck Version Change Detector
Common JDK 1.8+ Utility classes Holiday Calculator Propagate Volser
Compactor Honk QuickDNS Wassup
Comparator Cutter HTML Static Macros QuickSort WaveLength
Comparators HTTP GET/POST Quote Entity Validator Which
Confirm Hunk I/O Quoter Amanuensis YYYYMMDD
Connectors In Words RadixSort
Conversion Amanuensis Ini File Tidier/Verifier Reflow
Credit Card Validator Insult Generator Restore

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