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More Biblical Oddities

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

More Biblical Oddities

Martin Rice : : 1999-11-26

Aloha awakea `oe Roedy,

Thank you for taking the time to compile this list and post it on the Internet. It will prove to be an invaluable resource for me. Several people and I are working to bring a non-believer’s talk show to our local public access channel and your references will be of great assistance in getting the truth out..

Further, I have a few more quotes you might want to consider adding (Conversant snake, Genesis 3:1-5; Conversant donkey, Numbers 22:28-30; Humankind as the Very Last Supper, Revelation 19:17-18; Heaven reserved for only 144,000 male virgins (presumably to reward the pedophilic priests), Revelations 14:3-4; many. many more). Please feel free to contact me if you do, as I’d like to keep in touch.

A hui hou,

Martin Rice
Kapa`a, Hawai`i

I find it so odd that Christians will swallow a talking donkey, a woman turned into a pillar of salt, a global flood that violates just about every law of physics, but choke on the gradual evolution of ammonites, even though they can see the fossil record for themselves. I have added your entries to the Bible Study Guide.

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