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Font size is poorly defined. What determines the final size of type on your screen is controlled by four factors.
  1. The font designer

    A nominally 10-point type can be tiny or huge. It depends on the whim of the artist who designed the font. The nominal font size has little to do with the height in pixels of some letter of the alphabet. For example TiresiasPCFont-Z is huge whereas KodchiangUPC is tiny.
  2. Windows

    There is a setting in the control panel ⇒ Personalisation ⇒ Adjust Font Size DPI (Dots Per Inch) to globally adjust font sizes to accomodate visual acuity. This does not work very well since most Windows apps use bigger fonts but don’t correspondingly adjust the dialog boxes bigger to hold them.
  3. Browser

    For example, in the Opera browser there is a Zoom command to zoom in and out making the type bigger or smaller.
  4. Java

    When Applets select a font size, the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) scales the font to a corresponding number of pixels tall. In Windows, this overrides the browser and the operating system, but not the font designer.

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