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Sound in HTML
There are two basic approaches. You can embed music or sound to start automatically when the page loads like this:
<embed src="relativepath/yoursound.mid"
width="70" height="25">
Using the Embed Tag to Play Music
Tag Meaning
<embed src=relativepath/yoursound.mid name of sound file, usually *.mid *.mp3
hidden=true hide
autostart=true Automatically start the music
loop=true Play the music over and over
width=70 Control Panel is 70 pixels wide.
height=25 Control Panel is 25 pixels high.
The other technique is with a simple link usually with an icon that starts the music or sound when you click. click to listen
<a class="jgloss" href="sound/roedy.mp3"><img src="image/audio/mp3.png"
alt="Voice" border="0"
width="24" height="32"

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