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The current version is 8.2 Last revised/verified: 2016-10-03. A free opensource IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for Java. Oracle’s Sun Studio is based on it. The Netbeans Mobility Pack in an add-on for developing J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) applications, i.e. cellphones and pdas. The first IDE to provide complete support for the Java EE (Enterprise Edition) 6 specification. It also supports C++ and PHP (Pre-Hypertext Processor).




I have been trying to find out just what a NetBeans project is. I have discovered that all code in a project has to be complied with the same source target. There is only one jar generated per project. So it looks like you need a project per jar/executable even if a package generates 10 related executables. There must be some way around this. I suspect typically a project is intended to be one or two packages.

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