Quoter Amanuensis : Java Glossary


Quoter Amanuensis
A free program you can download with Java source that does a number of text processing tasks such as:
  1. Quoting for HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), e.g. & -> & or accented characters like é to é
  2. Quoting for Java Strings.
    e.g. C:\MyDir\MyFile.txt -> C:\\MyDir\\MyFile.txt
  3. removing leading and/or trailing spaces.
  4. Translating from the old Windows or IBMOEM character sets.
  5. removing embedded control characters.
  6. Collapsing runs of spaces into a single space.
  7. Collapsing multiple blank lines into a single blank line.
  8. converting to UPPER, lower, or Title case
  9. Aligning space or comma-delimited text in columns
  10. Aligning Java source in columns (considers \", '\'', /* comment */, //… in column delimiter rules).
  11. Converting raw multiline clipboards into regex expressions for the Funduc Search and Replace utility.

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