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Abobe Shockwave  Shockwave

Adobe (formerly Macromedia’s) plug-in for browsers. Version Last revised/verified: 2016-09-29. It is a competitor to Java. There are three similar Macromedia products, Shockwave, Flash and Director. Flash is much smaller and simpler, but has greater penetration. Shockwave’s download is about 3 MB, compared with 1.2 MB for Flash and 14 MB for the Java run time.

Shockwave does not works on 64-bit browsers, such as IE 64-bit and Opera-64 bit. Use Firefox or Chrome.

There are free players for Flash and Shockwave. Restart your browser after installing. You don’t have to separately install a plug-in.. Test your Shockwave installation. You may have to give permission for Shockwave to run. To create content you must buy expensive tools

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