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Getting the TM symbol can be problematic. Here are seven techniques to try:
  1. Use ® = ® the registered trademark instead.
  2. In early HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) browsers use TM = <sup>TM</sup>
  3. If you know your older browser is using a Cp1252 encoding font use = &#153;
  4. In more recent browsers try = &trade;
  5. In Java, use Unicode 16-bit character = \u2122. However, this character is not necessarily supported by PrintWriter translation to 8-bit fonts. Oddly, some Dialog fonts support it on the screen in bold, but not in plain.
  6. In Java, use Cp1252-encoded 8-bit character 153 = 0x99.
  7. In Java Swing with HTML rendering, use the TM = <sup>TM</sup> technique.

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