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Trump’s Appeal

For people who hate Trump, the puzzle is why would anyone vote for a guy with all the charm of Hitler but without the intelligence. I think it is this. Trump is a bully. He picks on all manner of people, using his fame, money and microphone to belittle others.

It is much the same appeal of watching Simon Cowell humiliating contestants on American Idol. Even if you are an uneducated white guy who screws his sister, you can still feel superior to Trump’s latest scapegoat, and feel good about yourself.

Trump’s undoing will be insulting too broadly. If he starts insulting Appalachians, southerners, people without swimming pools, people who pay taxes, people with small penises… His supporters won’t put up with being targeted. Trump perfected this bullying as entertainment on The Apprentice show.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:69)
The following are some of the people who contributed to this list. My lawyers recommended I exclude those who taught by example.

An early version of this article appeared in Java Developers’ Journal (volume 2 issue 6). I also spoke on this topic in 1997-11 at the Colorado Summit Conference. It has been gradually growing ever since. I have had quite a few requests for permission to build links here. You are welcome to create links, but please don’t repost the essay since the original changes frequently.

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