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If the font is installed, the sample text will show up in that font. If the font is not installed it will show up in a spindly vector font.

Aharoni DotumChe
[あ ㌂ 丂 Korean]
[uvw wW gq9 2z 5s il17|!j oO08¤ ;:,‚„. "`‘’
{[()]} m nn rn]
Lucida Sans Unicode NSimSun
[あ ㌂ 丂 simplified Chinese]
Andalus Estrangelo Edessa Malgun Gothic
[あ ㌂ 丂 Korean]
Angsana New EucrosiaUPC Mangal Palatino Linotype
AngsanaUPC Euphemia Marlett Plantagenet Cherokee
Arabic Typesetting FangSong Meiryo
[ぁ Japanese]
[あ ㌂ 丂 serifed traditional Chinese]
Arial Franklin Gothic Medium Microsoft Himalaya PMingLiU-ExtB
Arial Black FrankRuehl Microsoft JhengHei [あ ㌂ 丂 traditional Chinese] Raavi
Batang FreesiaUPC Microsoft Sans Serif Rod
BatangChe Gautami Microsoft Uighur Segoe Print
Browallia New Georgia Microsoft YaHei
[あ ㌂ 丂 simplified Chinese]
Segoe Script
BrowalliaUPC Gisha Microsoft Yi Baiti Segoe UI Designed to label fields
Calibri Gulim MingLiU
[あ ㌂ 丂 traditional Chinese]
Cambria GulimChe MingLiU-ExtB SimHei
Cambria Math GulimChe
[あ ㌂ 丂 Korean]
[uvw wW gq9 2z 5s il17|!j oO08¤ ;:,‚„. "`‘’
{[()]} m nn rn]
MingLiU_HKSCS Simplified Arabic
Candara Gungsuh MingLiU_HKSCS-ExtB Simplified Arabic Fixed
Comic Sans MS GungsuhChe Miriam SimSun
[あ ㌂ 丂 simplified Chinese]
[uvw wW gq9 2z 5s il17|!j oO08¤ ;:,‚„. "`‘’
{[()]} m nn rn]
Designed as a replacement for Courier.
Impact Miriam Fixed SimSun-ExtB
Constantia IrisUPC Mongolian Baiti Sylfaen
Corbel Iskoola Pota MoolBoran Symbol
Cordia New JasmineUPC MS Gothic Tahoma
CordiaUPC KaiTi MS Gothic
[uvw wW gq9 2z 5s il17|!j oO08¤ ;:,‚„. "`‘’
{[()]} m nn rn]
Times New Roman
Courier New
[uvw wW gq9 2z 5s il17|!j oO08¤ ;:,‚„. "`‘’
{[()]} m nn rn]
Kalinga MS Mincho
[ぁ Japanese]
Traditional Arabic
DaunPenh Kartika MS PGothic Trebuchet MS
David KodchiangUPC MS PMincho
[ぁ Japanese]
DFKai-SB Latha MS Sans Serif Verdana
DilleniaUPC Leelawadee
MS UI Gothic Vrinda
DokChampa Levenim MT MV Boli Webdings [✐ ❦ 𧦽]
Dotum LilyUPC Narkisim Wingdings [✐ ❦ ➽]
DotumChe Lucida Console
[uvw wW gq9 2z 5s il17|!j oO08¤ ;:,‚„. "`‘’
{[()]} m nn rn]
Very few Windows fonts support symbols or arrows. Calibri is an exception. Java’s logical Dialog and DialogInput fonts do as well.

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