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CMP (Canadian Mind Products)’s purpose is to stand up for the rights of plants and animals. Animals also includes cetacea, humans, gay people, atheists, war victims and invertebrates. CMP attempts to inculcate planetary consciousness — concern for the planet as a whole. A subgoal is to teach people to use computers effectively, particularly with the Java computer language.
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The image in the top left corner is Christian bigotry.

Leave Us Alone

Christians often complain that we atheists write books and post videos debunking Christianity. Christians ask Why can’t you just leave us alone? Why can’t you just live and let live? We probably would stop complaining about you if you kept to yourself and stopped harming us. Even now, we do leave you alone. We do not go door to door. We do not picket your churches. We do not picket Christian book stores. We do not picket your funerals. You are not obligated to read our books and view our videos. But you make such nuisances of yourselves, we have to resist:

  1. Your holy book calls for the murder of gay people. Gay people do nothing to you. Yet you maliciously take out all manner of spite on GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered or Queer) people.
  2. The Catholic church runs the world’s largest pedophile ring.
  3. You impose your religious superstitions about condoms on the third world, forcing them to get HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus).
  4. You impose your religious superstitions about souls and god on everyone, demanding women die rather than abort a fetus.
  5. Out of fear of their madman god, Christians refuse to let those in agony die.
  6. Christians demand their religious superstitions be taught in schools to everyone in place of science.
  7. Christians force others to pray to their god is public gatherings and schools.
  8. Christians promote all manner of quack healing and let children die for lack of real medicine.
  9. Their holy book promotes slavery and black oppression.
  10. Nutty Christian religious beliefs about Israel have prolonged the conflict there 68 years.
  11. Christians deliberately traumatise their children with threats of eternal fire in order to indoctrinate them before they are old enough to reason. This is hideous child abuse.

Christians these obscene things because they imagine a terrible sky fairy commands them. The basic problem is this nutty belief in the sky fairy. That is what we work to debunk.

Trump’s Business Sense

The key fact to understand about the art of the deal is that both parties must perceive the deal as beneficial to themselves. Otherwise they won’t sign. Yet Trump says he wants to renegotiate NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) to favour American workers. In other words, he admits he is going for an unfair deal enforced by threats.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:69)

Satellite Spying Technology

The advent of the Keyhole satellite program nearly 30 years ago provided the United States with the capability to digitally observe events on Earth in near real time. Exponential advances in computer processing power have subsequently provided refinements that allow these spies in the sky to observe the Earth regardless of cloud cover, inclement weather and darkness. Using infrared cameras, radar and advanced sensing lenses, they can resolve images approaching a single inch in diameter.

~ Keith Melton Spies in the Digital Age CNN

Yet despite this astounding technology, Bush claimed he had no idea where Osama bin Laden was and Americans believe it is impossible to intercept illegal immigrants or to track the perpetrators of drive by shootings, or hunt down kidnappers.

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